2019 Apple Drive

Uncommon Cider is kicking off our 3rd annual Uncommon Fruit Drive within Calgary and the surrounding areas!

We’re calling on all Calgarians to help us by bringing tree fruit from their homes and communities to select drop-off points throughout the city!

Uncommon Cider will be collecting your fruit to create the 3rd annual YYC-Cider, partnering again this year with the Calgary Food Bank. When the cider is released in Fall 2020, a portion of the proceeds will go directly towards the Calgary Food Bank ensuring that quality food accessible to all Calgarians!

Be a good apple

Want to get involved? It’s easy! Here’s how you can help:

  1. Find and pick the fruit from your yard or fruit trees in your community.

  2. Select a drop-off date and location from the list provided below.

  3. Drop off your fruit, meet the Uncommon Cider team.

  4. Sign yourself up for the Good Apples Club, and keep informed of updates and details when we release the YYC cider.

Drop off locations

You can drop off apples at our tap room, at any time during our open hours:

Thursday: 16:00-21:00
Friday: 16:00-22:30
Saturday: 12:00-22:30
Sunday: 12:00-19:30

If you would like to drop off outside of these hours, please get in touch using the form above and we will be happy to try and make alternative arrangements.



+ What is Uncommon Cider?

Uncommon Cider is Alberta’s first locally owned & operated craft cidery! Since 2016, Uncommon Cider has been producing craft cider from 100% pressed apple and fruit juice.

+ What types of fruit is Uncommon Cider collecting?

Uncommon Cider is collecting all apples, crab apples, pears, and berries. Contact us at if you have other varieties of fruit. We are happy to let you know if we can make it into something delicious. If not, we will happily direct you somewhere to ensure that it doesn’t go to waste!

+ Will Uncommon Cider accept bruised fruit?

Yes, Uncommon Cider will happily accept bruised fruit. Unfortunately, rotten fruit will not be accepted.

+ Why is Uncommon Cider collecting fruit?

Uncommon Cider is collecting fruit because so much food is wasted in Alberta every year. This is an opportunity to ensure that it doesn’t go to waste and that it’s paid forward to help Albertans in need!

+ What will happen with the fruit that I donate?

Uncommon Cider is going to press the fruit into juice and then ferment it into the delicious YYC Cider to help support the Calgary Food Bank.

+ Where can I drop off my fruit and when?

There is a complete list of drop-off locations and dates provided below. Please email for more information or to arrange for a fruit pick-up.

+ What if I can’t drop off my fruit?

Please contact us at! We may be able to come and collect your fruit, but due to the volume of requests unfortunately we can not get to everyone.

+ When will the YYC Cider be released?

The 3rd annual YYC Cider will be released in the Fall 2020. The 2019 harvest YYC Cider is now available to drink in out tap room

+ How will I know when it’s being released?

When you drop off your fruit, we’ll invite you to sign up for the Good Apple Club. When the YYC-Cider is being released, you’ll receive an email from the Uncommon Good Apple Club. In addition, we’ll be sharing all updates through our @uncommoncider Instagram and Twitter accounts.

+ Why will it take 1 year for the YYC Cider to be released?

Cider making is a delicate and time consuming process. The fruits need to be pressed to release the fruit juice, and that juice needs time to ferment and turn into cider. The natural fermentation process is a labor of both love and patience.

+ Where will I get to drink the YYC Cider?

All Good Apple Club members will be invited to the Uncommon Cider tasting room to taste the YYC-Cider. Uncommon Cider will also release information as to which restaurants, pubs, bars, and liquor stores are carrying the YYC Cider. For more regular updates, follow @uncommoncider on Instagram and Twitter.

+ Will it be available to purchase in bottles?

Yes! We plan to release the YYC-Cider 2019 as 750ml bottles.

+ What if I have more questions?

If you have any other questions, please contact One of the Uncommoners will get back to you right away to answer your questions and provide any additional information!