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  • Limited release
  • Gluten Free

3% ALC./VOL.

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When making cider, apples are ground into a pulp before being pressed, separating the juice from the dry pomace. Conventionally, pomace is waste. We hate waste. Thus, Ciderkin.

A 48-hour maceration of pomace in water slowly pulls out the remaining sugars, acids, tannins and aromatics that were left behind. After re-pressing and fermenting wild we are left with 3% ABV cider that is light and easy-going.

Think piquette but with apples.

The essence of summer, trapped in a bottle. Made entirely from Calgary foraged Dolgo & Kerr pomace, we get all the vibrancy we know and love from crab apple cider without the iconic intensity.

Tastes like watermelon candy, Rainier cherries, and long weekends.


Home delivery

  • You can have cider delivered every day of the week between 12 and 6 pm. This is available within Calgary as well as surrounding areas. (I’m looking at you Airdrie and Okotoks.)
  • Delivery is free with orders over $100 (otherwise there is a $5 fee)
  • Place your order before 3 pm means you will get a same-day delivery. If you order after 3 pm, we can promise next-day delivery.
  • You will need to:
    • give us a phone number to confirm the delivery
    • show us your photo I.D. when we deliver (to prove it’s really you)
    • read the email we send you with our contactless delivery instructions close to drop off

Pick up

  • Our taproom is open for pick up Monday - Saturday between 12pm and 5pm, and between 12pm and 4pm Sundays.
  • Our staff are more than happy to bring the cider out to your vehicle and place it in your trunk for you, if you need it.
  • We will check your photo I.D. and send you and your cider safely on your way!
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