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Gin Botanical - Eau Claire

Gin Botanical - Eau Claire

  • Limited release
  • Gluten Free

6.9% ALC./VOL.

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We’ve teamed up with four local distilleries to bring you something very uncommon.

Aligned with our values of repurposing fruit waste to make great cider, we’ve taken the spent gin botanicals from our favourite distilleries to craft something new and delicious.

Each distillery’s botanical mix brings something different to the cider it has been combined with, and we think this creates something forward, distinct, and very tasty.


Gin Botanical - Eau Claire Distillery
This cider has aromas of boysenberry, with a light botanical presence reminiscent of licorice and dutch candies. Crafted with spent gin botanicals from our friends at Eau Claire Distillery.


Home delivery

  • You can have cider delivered every day of the week between 12 and 6 pm. This is available within Calgary as well as surrounding areas. (I’m looking at you Airdrie and Okotoks.)
  • Delivery is free with orders over $100 (otherwise there is a $5 fee)
  • Place your order before 3 pm means you will get a same-day delivery. If you order after 3 pm, we can promise next-day delivery.
  • You will need to:
    • give us a phone number to confirm the delivery
    • show us your photo I.D. when we deliver (to prove it’s really you)
    • read the email we send you with our contactless delivery instructions close to drop off

Pick up

  • Our taproom is open for pick up Monday - Saturday between 12pm and 5pm, and between 12pm and 4pm Sundays.
  • Our staff are more than happy to bring the cider out to your vehicle and place it in your trunk for you, if you need it.
  • We will check your photo I.D. and send you and your cider safely on your way!
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